Image: Researchers NWO Nikhef at the ATLAS-detector, CERN Geneva. Credits: Peter Ginter.

Advanced Instrumentation

Systems and technology for measuring radiation, light and particles; determination and monitoring of location, movement and vibration; management, processing and interpretation of (sensor) data for Big Science; instruments for R&D and production processes.


    Roadmap Advanced Instrumentation (November 2020)

    Newsletter (November 2020)


    • Marco Beijersbergen (Cosine) (Chair)
    • Frenk van den Berg (TataSteel Europe)
    • André Bos (S [&] T)
    • Kees Buijsrogge (TNO)
    • Paul Hieltjes (SRON)
    • Frank Linde (UvA/Nikhef)
    • Daniëla Mikkers (ASTRON)
    • Hans Priem (VDL‐ETG)
    • Eugène Reuvekamp (Malvern Panalytical)
    • Vera Meester (NWO ENW)


    For more information, contact the roadmapteam