Aero Engine Round Table

“Innovation in internal & external logistics”

On Thursday 12 October 2017 from 13:00 h to 17:00 h the Netherlands Aerospace Group (NAG) (in cooperation with DGTA) organizes the Aero Engine Round Table with the theme "Innovation in Internal & External Logistics". This round table meeting is characterised by key-note speakers presenting the latest developments on a particular topic followed by in-depth discussions by subject matter experts allowing networking amongst invitees.


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The increasing pressure on suppliers to deliver engine components predictably in time, at low cost, and guaranteed quality calls for new forms of internal & external logistics based on efficient & effective business operations. Furthermore, the question is to be raised whether and to what extent (buffer) stocks should be used to accommodate fluctuations in supply and demand or that external parties can
facilitate this flexibility better and cheaper.

The "Innovation in Internal & External Logistics" Round Table focuses on sharing experiences with just-in-time and parts consignment concepts on the one hand, and on answering the question what innovations within internal and external logistics are still needed / possible to further improve business performance in the overall value chain of engine maintenance on the other hand.


• Rob Droog (Kuehne + Nagel - Business Development Manager Aerospace) - Presentation "Innovation in External Logistics"
• Peter Rietdijk (AvioDiepen - Business Coordinator IT Business Systems) - Presentation "Parts logistics behind the scenes".



Read the report of the meeting on the Netherlands Aerospace Group (NAG)  website 


There is no participation fee for this workshop. This event is made possible by a top sector HTSM TKI grant.


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