About Holland High Tech

The Dutch have always been ingenious and pragmatic entrepreneurs with an openness and willingness to cooperate. A centuries-old tradition of creativity and innovation make the Netherlands the perfect place to find solutions to the challenges today's society is facing in the areas of mobility, health, renewable energy, security, and the climate change.

The Dutch high-tech sector offers a pragmatic total solution to technological challenges – from system architecture through to production – for products that are needed to solve today's social challenges and that are sold on the international market. And, of course, the related services.


Win-win situation

The Netherlands has a thriving electronics ecosystem in which a number of parties collaborate: the Dutch government; universities; knowledge and research institutes; and high tech companies and their suppliers.

Working with the Dutch and with Dutch companies is a win-win situation for all involved. You not only gain access to leading technology, you also gain access to the top players in your league.



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