Novio Tech Campus | Building M | Transistorweg 5 | Nijmegen

CITC Opening Event

Chip Integration Technology Centre (CITC) is an open industrial innovation centre for heterogeneous integration and advanced packaging. It enables access to research, infrastructure and education.

CITC is founded in July 2019. Now the program lines are running, CITC will officially open its centre on March 5th 2020.

The overall theme of the opening event is: "Black Box". The programme includes a keynote speech and a talk show session, followed by the official CITC opening with a magical touch.

Talk show session

At the moment the following guests are listed for the talk show session:

  • Monique Esselbrugge, Wethouder Economie Gemeente Nijmegen
  • Ineke Dezentje Hamming, Chairman Smart Industry
  • Arnaud de Jong, Managing Director TNO Industry
  • Prof. dr. John Schmitz, Dean Faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Technical University Delft

Informal evening programme

The informal evening programme includes the opening celebration with drinks, dinner + music and some speeches of CITC partners. Christianne van der Wal, Gedeputeerde Provincie Gelderland, will be one of the speakers.


14.30 | Doors open
15.00 | Start formal programme
18.00 | Start informal programme
21.00 | Doors closed

More information and registration

For more detailed information visit the CITC website.
Please contact CITC to receive your ticket for this special opening event.