MedTechNL foresees a future in which people stay healthier longer. A future where diseases are spotted before symptoms arise, where medical treatment starts early on and effectively, in or close to home instead of at the hospital.

Medical technology is at the heart of this future, which is why MedTechNL aims to develop and implement technological innovation in medicine to transform health & care in the Netherlands. MedTechNL will do this by taking a collaborative approach with a broad set of parties, including medtech companies, hospitals, universities and the people who use medical technology on a daily basis.

MedTechNL aims to develop cost-effective products that improve health outcomes and that health care users and workers will want to use. This is a necessary piece of the puzzle to address the increasing health care burden, the rising demand for health care personnel, and the costs that come with this. This is also a great opportunity: The Netherlands has the ingredients to become a European hotspot and global exporter of medtech innovation. MedTechNL will build on our country's strengths by jointly developing innovation programs, strengthening medtech hubs, and connecting the medtech ecosystem to realise the health & care transformation on the horizon.

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