Holland High Tech is proud to meet you at the Hannover Messe

We are proud to meet you! With over 140 exhibitors, the Netherlands continues to have a prominent presence at Hannover Messe, the largest industrial trade fair in the world.


Companies and other exhibitors will be jointly presenting their products and services in the Holland High Tech House in Hall 2, the Holland Industrial Supply Pavilion in Hall 4, the Holland IT & Smart Industry House in Hall 8 and the Holland Energy and E-mobility House in Hall 27.

Holland Houses @Hannover Messe 2017



Holland High Tech: Global Challenges, Smart Solutions

Dutch high-tech companies are among the top global players in their markets and distinguish themselves by their technological excellence. The Dutch High-Tech Systems and Materials sector consists of a number of interwoven industries such as the machine and systems industry, automotive, aerospace and aviation, semiconductor and the materials industry, which develop key technologies such as micro/nanoelectronics, nanotechnology, photonics, advanced materials, semiconductors, and electronic components and systems.


Our system suppliers are able to manage complex industrial value-added chains and are increasingly becoming the key to international competitiveness because they can adapt to the customer’s requirements and take responsibility in the areas of product development, process development, mass production and lifecycle management.


From the design of a system to its output, our creativity is the source of future-proof products, applications and services, which are often developed in interdisciplinary, open and international partnerships. In the Netherlands, we know that you have to collaborate in order to perform at the top of your game, that it’s impossible to be the best in every discipline, that companies and knowledge institutes must work together in open innovation partnerships.


Sharing knowledge in the precompetitive stage is not only a challenge, but also an opportunity. The Dutch high-tech sector helps find solutions in the fields of health (intelligent health care systems), mobility (improved road safety), sustainability (clean cars and trucks and electric vehicles), and alternative sources of energy (solar cells). We are proud to show that the Netherlands is the place to be for technological solutions to global challenges in the fields of health, mobility, energy, safety and the climate. Applications that help improve the lives and wellbeing of people in the Netherlands and around the world.


We are looking forward to exchanging ideas with you in Hannover!

Amandus Lundqvist

Amandus Lundqvist
Chairman of the Dutch High Tech Systems & Materials sector



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