Meeting Materials 2017

The annual M2i conference ‘Meeting Materials’ will take place on 12 December, 2017.  The program consists of an interesting mix of key note presentations about developments in materials innovation, parallel sessions, and a new career orientation program for M2i’s PhD’s.

This years’ Meeting Materials
What began in 1997 as an annual meeting for the Dutch materials science community, existing of a dozen researchers, students and our industrial partners has blossomed into an invigorating event about the increasing importance of the Dutch and European Materials ecosystems. This year we expect over 300 participants, represented from SME’s to renowned industial manufacturing companies, and from top-researchers to professors from Dutch Technical Universities.

This year, the program consists of interesting workshops, panel discussions, presentations, and of course a lot of opportunity to expand your network. The main topics are:
– Circular economy
– Maritime and Offshore materials
– 3D printing
– Smart production
– Packaging Applications
– Functional coatings and surfaces
– Binding (layered) materials
– Composites

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