Conference 'Ready for Additive Manufacturing 2018!'

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a game-changing technology that is rapidly moving from its early applications in prototyping to become increasingly integrated into mainstream production processes. It is attracting great attention in a wide range of industries including aerospace, medical, energy, electrical goods, automotive, and many more. AM is particularly useful in enabling tool-less production for products that require small batches, complex geometries, custom-fit designs, digital spare parts and other niche features.


Fraunhofer Conference Additive ManufacturingHowever, this is a technology that is evolving fast. How are we to keep track of the latest developments and determine what is the right technology to use and how to implement into our existing manufacturing systems?


"Ready for Additive Manufacturing 2018” has invited prominent experts and industry representatives to talk about new trends and challenges in this fascinating field.


The conference has a limited number of participants, so please register to secure your seat.


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