Security is one of the major social challenges countries are facing today. Every day, we find ourselves dealing with interconnected networks at home and at work. In a digital economy, computers, mobile phones and the internet simply have to work. New technologies not only provide better safety and protect our privacy; they also add a range of user-friendly services, such as online payment transactions.

But security is not only about protecting data. In the Netherlands, high-level efforts are being undertaken to tackle the social challenge of security. solutions to security issues require a global approach, which is a challenge in itself as users' privacy must be guaranteed at all times. New technologies are bringing positive aspects to the table: better security; better privacy and individual identity protection; and a broad range of new, user friendly services.

In the Netherlands, a chip technology has been developed for identification checks on passports. NXP semiconductors is the market leader in the area of secure chips for passports. Innovations such as near field communications are also bringing new applications within reach.


Smart security on Water

Security in open seas is a global concern. With piracy and hijacking occurring all too often, international navies have started focusing more on littoral operations (‘brown-water navy’) and less on high-seas operations (‘blue-water navy’).

 The combination of Dutch shipbuilding, sensor and, in particular, radar technologies, results in extremely efficient solutions developed in collaboration with distinguished technology research centres at knowledge institutes such as MARIN, TNO and Dutch technical universities.

Add the Dutch government, with its special position as active launching customer, and you get a world-class collaboration that has produced some of the world's most sophisticated offshore patrol vessels (OPVs). The OPV Holland Klasse (class) is proof of the Netherlands’ established position as global innovator and competitor. The offshore patrol vessels have an unparalleled price/performance ratio and are sailing showcases of the Netherlands’ acknowledged and lasting position on the international market.





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