HiTMaT 2021 - Q&A (English)

Nederlandse versie


Who may submit?

The R&D collaboration project is carried out by at least two participants, including a research institution and an entrepreneur with a registration with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

Who cannot submit as main applicant?

  • Personnel with a zero-hour contract
  • Emeritus professors
  • Staff from foreign research institutions

Are foreign research organizations allowed to participate in this Call?

Collaboration with a foreign research organization is permitted. Costs involved in this are considered ineligible by TKI HTSM within this call, in other words these costs are not reimbursed from the PPP subsidy resources of the HiTMaT collaboration project.

Are foreign companies allowed to participate in this Call?

Although Dutch companies are preferably invited to respond to this Call, a foreign company may participate as long as a company that has a Dutch Chamber of Commerce registration is participating.

Can a student team act as main applicant?

Unfortunately, a student team cannot submit as main applicant on behalf of a research organization. A researcher from the research organization must always submit as the main applicant.

Who should be the main applicant?

The main applicant must have his / her appointment at a research institution. This includes all Dutch colleges, universities and applied research institutes. If the main applicant has a temporary contract that expires within the term of the HiTMaT collaboration project, the OO may appoint another researcher.

Which research institutions are allowed to submit?

All Dutch Colleges (Hogescholen), Universities and applied research institutes.

Which topics are guiding for this HiTMaT Call?

These are the themes that guide this Call:

  • Health and care
  • Safety
  • Climate and Circular Economy
  • Mobility
  • Agriculture, Water and Food

Where can I find more information about these topics?

More background information can be found in the HTSM Knowledge and Innovation Agenda 2018-2021. The HTSM technology roadmaps also provide more information.

How extensive can the "expression of interest" be?

The "expression of interest" will be submitted via an online tool for the first time this year. The content part consists of a document of a maximum of 2 pages that is uploaded.

Is it also possible to submit a project proposal in English?

The "expression of interest" may be submitted in English.

How do I submit the "expression of interest"?

You submit the "expression of interest" via the online tool. You can make changes until the deadline of Tuesday 18 May 2021 14:00 CEST.

Can I be involved in multiple "expressions of interests" within this HiTMaT Call?

Within this program, a main applicant of a research organization may only associate his / her name as a (co-) applicant with one application for a HiTMaT collaboration project. In addition, an SME on the basis of which the main applicant applies for an additional budget may also only be entered as a co-applicant with an additional budget request for one application.

What is the budget?

The HTSM PPP allowance in the context of HiTMaT-2021 is € 25,000 per project. This amount can be increased to € 35,000 if:

  • the private co-applicant is an SME that plays a substantial role in this project proposal;
  • you can motivate this contribution in the project proposal.
  • This is limited to once per project proposal.

In total, the requested budget may not exceed the amount of € 25,000 incl. VAT (or € 35,000 incl. VAT if the role of the SME co-applicant is substantial). The budget can only be used by the research organization serving as the main applicant.

Is private co-funding allowed?

A private contribution is not mandatory within the HiTMaT Call. However, if private co-funding is possible so that more activities can be developed within the project, that considered to be positive.

What kind of research proposal can I submit?

The HiTMaT Call concerns the execution of a limited R&D collaboration project, in order to arrive at a substantial and strong public-private project proposal that fits both HTSM and one of the themes. The research is usually within TRL levels 1-3.

Shortlist and review

When will it be known if I am on the shortlist? In mid-July 2021, the main applicants will be notified whether or not they will be invited to prepare a presentation.

I am on the shortlist of the assessment committee. Am I obliged to participate in the Fall Event?

Yes, you are obliged to present your project during the Holland High Tech Autumn Event on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. The presentation is essential for the evaluation, in which the audience also plays a role. The evaluation results in a prioritization and advice for funding.

What are the applications assessed on?

Applications are assessed on:

  • Quality of the project plan and degree of contribution to themes and roadmaps
  • Quality of the consortium
  • Originality
  • Potential impact


When should the collaborative project start?

You must start your HiTMaT collaboration project no later than four months after being awarded funding. The duration of your project is a maximum of 1 year, calculated from the date of the grant letter.

If my proposal is approved, how much time is there to prepare a detailed PPP research proposal?

The HiTMaT collaborative project must have the potential to arrive at a detailed PPP research proposal within a year with limited research.

On the delivery date, I still have an amount left that has not been spent. What happens with that?

Any funds not spent on the end date will be reimbursed to TKI HTSM.

Which costs are reimbursed?

HHT-HiTMaT finances the following project-specific costs:

  • Personnel costs
  • Materials (consumables, room rental, aids and travel costs) that are used for the collaboration project.

Is the grant awarded in full or in installments?

The subsidy is awarded in 2 installments

  • an advance of 90% after you meet the conditions stated in the grant letter;
  • a remainder of 10% after delivery of a final report approved by TKI HTSM.

What requirements must the final report meet?

TKI HTSM will send you a template in good time for a concise final report.

Will the data of the collaborative project be published?

TKI HTSM may ask you for information when drawing up the annual report.