Conference Electrochemical Conversion & Materials | ONLINE

During the Electrochemical Conversion & Materials (ECCM) conference, international keynotes will take you through the state of the art in science and technology, from an academic and industrial perspective. Dutch experts will share their insight on national initiatives related to the ECCM theme. 

Are you interested in the latest developments of electrification, electrochemistry and the energy transition? Join the online ECCM conference on Friday 26 June, starting 13.00 hrs.

International experts will start the conference by introducing the state of the art in ElectroChemical Conversion & Materials. They will discuss the role of ECCM in the energy transition, sharing the viewpoint of China, Germany, the US and the Netherlands. In the second half you will be taken through some of the most prominent national initiatives in the field and the developments expected in the coming years.

The annual ECCM conference is organized by the ECCM advisory committee, appointed by the Dutch government.

Dr Kathy Ayers
Vice President Research and Development, Nel ASA / Proton Onsite, United States
Dr Jiang Kejun
Director of the Energy Research Institute (ERI), National Development and Reform Commission, China
Mr Jochen Wermuth
Climate Impact Investor, Germany
Marjan Minnesma
BA, Director Urgenda, The Netherlands

Prof Richard van de Sanden
Chair of the ECCM committee and Director of DIFFER
Prof Paulien Herder
Professor of Energy Systems, Delft University of Technology
Prof Guido Mul
Head of the PhotoCatalytic Synthesis group, University of Twente
Prof Earl Goetheer
Sustainable Process & Energy Systems, TNO

Scope of the conference

The scope of the conference is schematically depicted below.

eccm schema
For more information on the scope of the conference click here

Contact information


  • Sofia Derossi (overall coordination, +31 634 55 81 44)
  • Sandra de Keijzer (Topsector Energie, +31 642 03 51 74)
  • Leo Warmerdam (Topsector HTSM, +31 30 600 1328)
  • Mark Schmets (Topsector Chemie, +31 630 36 92 39)
  • Martijn de Graaff (Applied Research organisations, +31 622 26 08 71)

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